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The role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) or Ward Representatives in Kenya is diverse. Yet, the role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) in Kenya is indispensable. They are a key component of the county governments and sustain the counties’ existence

But who is an MCA? A member of the County Assembly (MCA) is an elected representative who is in charge of an electoral unit known as a Ward. In the hierarchy, the Ward is the smallest electoral unit followed by the Sub-County (Constituency), the County and finally the Country.

Role Of The Members Of The County Assembly (MCAs)

The major role of the Members of the County Assembly is legislation, representation, and oversight. In addition, the County Governments Act stipulates the role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) under Section 9.

The role of a nominated MCA in Kenya is the same as the role of an elected MCA.

Maintaining Close Contact With The Electorate

The MCA should maintain close contact with the electorate. He or she should consult them on issues before or under discussion in the county assembly.

This means that the MCAs should not ‘disappear’ once elected only to reappear five years later seeking for re-election. The MCAs should strive to be in close contact with those who elected them. They should be available when people need them and they should be approachable.

Several public surveys usually indicate that Kenyans interact with their MCAs the most compared to other elected representatives. This means that public trust and confidence in MCAs is high.

Extend Professional Knowledge, Experience Or Specialized Knowledge To Any Issue For Discussion In The County Assembly

The role of the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) has been under constant scrutiny. They face constant criticism for lacking (professional) knowledge and experience to run county assembly affairs.

In the beginning, many of them were unable to participate in assembly debates or make laws that were above scrutiny. There were a good number of them whose level of education was only a primary or a secondary certificate. Several others were school dropouts.

does your M.C.A fulfill is responsibilities???

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